The results of Facebook stalking.

The following thoughts and observations were too lengthy and inappropriate for a Facebook status the other night, so I shall divulge them here.

During one of my regular Facebook stalking moments (don’t lie, you do it too), I came across a girl I went to school with. I noted the circles she was moving in (socially not physically) and then proceeded to notice that she appeared to be pregnant. Following further stalking and further observation skills it transpired that she was in fact NOT pregnant, but just rather fat in all the wrong areas.

Now that would be a guilt provoking observation had the girl in question not been a fucking bitch. As it happens, she made my school life a misery and continued to do so after I left. She is the reason all the people I went to school with no longer talk to me and why I have some major social-related issues. She is a vicious, shallow, vain individual who appears to have not experienced the wrath of karma… YET. Therefore I was rather pleased she looked like a pale pregnant corspe and with that ceased my incessant stalking and continued to wait for karma to deal her the plate of shit she deserves.

Unfortunately I know our paths will cross at some point in the future (because the country really isn’t that big and it would be just my luck), which, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind so much, I’m more than capable of standing up for myself and putting her in her place; but there are no words to convey the damage she did by behaving like a cruel, immature, selfish child, and even if there were they would be lost on a person like her. As much as I would like to break her nose (it’s the least I can do), I know that I am the better person. So until the zombie apocalypse takes over and I can “mistakenly” gun her down, it’s down to karma to sort out that mistake of humankind.

(P.S I like brackets, ok.)



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