Miss Ebenezer Grinch

It’s official. I’m Ebenezer Scrooge, Grinch, Hater of Christmas. It’s sad to admit but it’s been a long time coming. Christmas is a turbulent affair in my family so I’ve come to expect it to be a let down. Every year something spoils the day, not that I usually have high hopes. The magic and excitement that I once had as a child most definitely dissipated when I hit adulthood. This year has been exceptionally tough for my family and me. We’ve been through and are still going through some difficult times, so stopping everything and pretending to be jolly for a day is very difficult. If not impossible.

I’m not by any means the kindest most giving of people but at the same time I’m not unnecessarily cruel to people, nor am I nasty or selfish. But I am considered by most to be a modern day Scrooge. I don’t completely agree as I am generous with money, my time and belongings, I give to charity and try to do the right thing. I have morals and a conscience – contrary to popular belief, so really I’m only comparable to these characters purely because of my dislike of Christmas.

That being said there are many reasons why I’ve come to really dislike Christmas…

  • The 6 month long build up – slight exaggeration but the fact that the countdown to Christmas started in August this year is something I find ludicrous. As far as I’m concerned, summer was still in full swing, and I’m not one to wave off summer prematurely.
  • Every single shop I innocently enter (not to do any Christmas shopping) is playing the same old Christmas songs that get dragged out and played every single year.
  • Every pop star under the sun that has had a quiet year decides to release “their” version of all the old Christmas songs.
  • Difficult family members being most unhelpful regarding what to buy them for Christmas.
  • Battling the crowds when shopping – easily solved with online shopping.
  • Trying to shop on a budget!
  • Remembering at the last minute someone you haven’t bought a gift for that you need to buy a gift for.
  • Writing hundreds of Christmas cards.
  • Forgetting to hand out/post Christmas cards.
  • Being single is more depressing than usual.
  • Opening your door to people you don’t even like or want in your house.
  • Pretending to get along with people you don’t like.
  • Missing the people you do like but who can’t be there.
  • Washing up after Christmas dinner.
  • All hype and preparation for ONE day.
  • The gluttony and greed that emerges as a result.
  • The waste.
  • The cost.
  • The lack of thought given to homeless people who don’t stop being homeless just because it’s Christmas.

I could probably go on and on. But for me this year will be a sad and difficult time because I miss someone dearly but because of circumstance there is nothing I can do to change things. I’m labelled miserable a lot by people who don’t understand me and have no insight in to my private life. There are people much worse off than me and for some they won’t even have anything resembling a Christmas Day. I am truly grateful that I will have the majority of my family around to spend time with and I know I am fortunate enough to have somewhere to live and food to eat and a family to share things with. I am also very aware that for some Christmas isn’t the big happy occasion that it is for most people. I also think a lot of the men and women in the battlefield, and of course of their relatives spending Christmas without their loved ones.

So forgive my lack of festive spirit, I’m just lacking the ability to find my cheer this year. I still hold a glimmer of hope that next year my feelings will change, that next year things in my life will have improved and I can look forward to a merry Christmas. Until then however I shall endure everyone else’s infuriating cheeriness and hope that next year I’ll be the one who is irritatingly happy.


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