A New Discovery

I have begun to use a different type of blog – purely for ease which will ultimately increase the number and regularity of my blogs. I have started to use postach.io with Evernote. I’m hoping it provides everything I need My page is: delilahdelaney.postach.io Advertisements

Thanks for the running commentary. 

I’m kind of sick of hearing everybody’s thoughts on me, my life and how I’m doing everything wrong.  People make so many throwaway comments to me that I don’t actually realise what they’ve said until a few hours later when I’m alone in the quiet and suddenly I’m haunted by all of these comments that […]

Daily Prompt: First

Learning To Drive – Finally. So I had my first driving lesson last week. No I’m not 17, nor am I near the age normal people start learning to drive. I am well in to my twenties and I’ve finally (somewhat forcibly) began on this very windy learning curve. I have avoided learning to drive […]

The results of Facebook stalking.

The following thoughts and observations were too lengthy and inappropriate for a Facebook status the other night, so I shall divulge them here. During one of my regular Facebook stalking moments (don’t lie, you do it too), I came across a girl I went to school with. I noted the circles she was moving in (socially not physically) and […]