I’m a dysfunctional adult, who is getting older every time I stop and think. Despite this fact I think I might be regressing to my teenage years with a need to express myself in writing (or typing, whatever). I wanted to start a blog purely as a means of expression. I have always been different and a bit odd and as I get older that fact is highlighted even more with fewer friends, limited options and a lack of success in several areas of my life. So in some ways for me this is cheap therapy.

I often think there is something wrong with me because I just don’t fit. There are very few people who understand me a little, and I can honestly say that nobody has ever fully understood me or managed to put up with my difficult mannerisms for long. So I guess I am lonely. I’m a very solitary person and have learnt to deal with most situations on my own in my own way because I know that nobody else can get me through something, it’s all me, or I don’t get through it at all.

I’m very particular about certain things, opinionated but not narrowminded. I’m difficult to be around sometimes becuase I moan about a lot of things, I swear a lot and I like things to be a certain way. I suppose I’m an acquired taste!

I think mainly my posts will be about all the strange thoughts that go on in my head. Probably lots of moaning, lots of opinions and lots about my experience with OCD. My blog is mainly light hearted, its not supposed to offend or upset anyone, its just my strange perception on the world.



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